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#102 - Fargo

Visited Fargo and picked up airport #102.

My allegiance to US Air is being tested by United. I’m fine flying United when I need to, they’re a Star Alliance partner and i still earn US Air miles.

However, my flight from IAD to DEN was a twin aisle, three class plane, with fully lay flat seats, suites in first. Something I’ve only see on international flights, not domestic. I know US Air doesn’t have any like this domestic, so now I’m checking out United.

Breaking 100...

In golf, if I don’t break 100 I’m unhappy. On my airport quest, I’m now excited to be in triple digits.

After spending what seemed like weeks stuck at 99 airports, including an aborted attempt to pickup Vancouver two weeks ago…swine flu…I’ve finally hit the airport milestone.

Sure, it might be as meaningless of a milestone as say the first 100 days of a Presidential Administration, but it’s still my meaningless milestone.

Picked up LGA this morning at 8:30 AM, and then nailed PWM around 12:15 PM. Of course, the return is direct, PWM to DCA, but what fun would that have been.

99 airports...could yours be the 100th?

Landing in Beirut (BEY) gave me my 99th airport. The magic number of 100 is next.

Do you want he honor of picking me up from my 100th airport? Invite me to your city…but check first to make sure I haven’t been there so you don’t waste my time.

New Airports Coming Soon!

Looks like I’ll be getting JFK in NY and Kiev, Ukraine, in December.

AGS - Augusta, GA

Picked up AGS recently.